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Dandridge Monroe


I describe myself as an introvert with too big of a personality. I live somewhere between independent woman and happy 50's housewife (who I am depends on the day, lol!). I'm a loving wife to a man that inspires all of my book baes, especially the assholes, and mom to three slightly feral kids. I love reading all genres of romance and hope one day to break into historical romance writing.


I am an avid football fan, junk food connoisseur, and shoe and purse hoarder. My hobby is hobbies, from baking to woodworking and everything in between. I'm  a bougie hippie, a walking contradiction, and you'll find a lot of my quirks in my characters. Except for Billy, she's kinda perfect!


I write because I wanted to see the kind of love I was blessed to experience play out on the pages. Black love is not defined by struggle love or foolishness. It is as beautiful and diverse as the people of the diaspora and I'm lucky I get to show the beauty of our people across multiple genres of fiction.

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