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A little update...

I had my head in the laptop to ensure I got work done before the year ended, but I would be remise if I didn't shout out my latest two releases. Sidelined Love is sitting at 79 ratings and reviews with an average of 4.8! I was so worried people wouldn't love Rich and Carine because they were so calm compared to the Consortium, but y'all showed them so much love and I'm GRATEFUL!

Now to the "committed couple". When @ladikreyol on TikTok coined this term for Jada and Smoke, she was spot on. He was the crazy calm to her chaos and I love the two of them together. You guys do as well because this Consortium Christmas update has 138 ratings and reviews with an average of 4.7! I can remember praying for one review a month on my work. Y'all's love has been nothing short of a blessing! Email subscribers, be on the lookout sometime tomorrow for a link! It's just a little peak at one of the couples from this update.

Hoping you all had a wonderful holiday, got some rest and are blessed going into this new year!


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