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Paperbacks soon come!

I've placed a limited order for paperbacks! The vast majority of the small amount are for The Consortium Series, but I will be adding more of the backlist by the end of the year! You can have them signed or not, totally up to you! I'll have more details when I get them in hand. Should be available for shipment shortly after Thanksgiving!

Thank you to everyone who has been on this journey with me. If we're old friends or new, I appreciate each of you so very much! Each rating, review, message, and email keeps me pushing forward on this journey. I love when y'all ask about characters, because it shows you're as invested in them as I am.

The next release should be out before the end of the month, hopefully sooner than later, and then we're swinging back around to those Cunningham Kids. Jada won't stop talking to me so I guess it's her turn to talk!

Cover reveal will happen in my Facebook Reader's Group: Dandridge's Den. Come join and get all the information there first!


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