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Take a little trip to Hell

Have you checked out my latest release? The Diallo Clan is back to seek the vengeance they so rightly deserved. They asked for peace, they demanded justice, and now they are ready for war.

Kyan Diallo is the family jokester. The one with an easy smile and a playful nature. But when a one night stand knocks him off his feet, will he risk it all for the woman he can't seem to shake?

Persephone Allen had a charmed life. But the loss of her sister ushered in a descent into hell that she doesn't see an escape from. But a man she can't forget, won't let her out of his sight. His attempts at friendship are rebuffed, but his persistence is unmatched. Will they be able to overcome the conflicts on both sides? Or will the powers that be succeed in keeping them from one another?

Those that have read the In the Midst Series are in love with Kyan and so happy to see how things played out. Grab your copy today!

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