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The Consortium


just wow.

I NEVER thought the crazy couple that popped into my head as a Valentine's short would turn into this. I think every author hopes the public loves their characters as much as they do. But dang, y'all really love some Couba and Jazzy Baby!

Red Roses and Regrets crossed into the 400 club overnight and Owo, the conclusion to their story, is sitting at 222 reviews. Owo hasn't even been out a month yet. *Insert teary-eyed smiley emoji here*

To answer the question I've been getting the most on social media, Jada's book is next. There are about six folks who are responsible for her being in my head this early, but I'll shout them out in the book acknowledgements by name. She still lacks sense so I have no clue how she's going to handle falling in love. We gone see though.

Also, Liam, Xerxes, Ori (The Hawaiian) and Priest all have stories coming. We will probably kick off the Consortium releases next year with either Priest or Liam. It all depends on who starts talking first.

I'm hoping to get three more books out this year. One is 65% done. The world has been heavy lately so my writing has slowed, but I'm still determined to get everything done. We'll see how it goes.

Look for this next release at the beginning of November. It's from the Desperados, and another couple that just popped in my head. Sorry, it's not Coach Stew.

Thank you guys for all of your support! Whether you're new here, or have been around since I first published Fortunate, thank you so much!


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