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This is a STANDALONE novel that is the first in a series about a group of friends. 

I'm nobody's Cinderella.

Because I learned at a young age that fairytales aren't real, and there's no such thing as a Prince Charming waiting to save you, at least not for a girl like me. So, I learned to save myself and everyone else I loved. And I would've been satisfied with that life. Until he came along sprinkling fairy dust and offering to shoulder burdens I didn't even realize I was carrying. And now what am I supposed to do when he's offering me a life I never wanted, but one he thinks I deserve?

I'm nobody's Prince Charming.

Because in this life, I'm the dreaded F-word: famous. And when you're young, black and wealthy, you learn that people will use you for whatever they need and keep it moving. So, I kept my circle small until she swept me up in her chaos. And I happily went along with it just for the chance to make her mine. But how do you commit to someone who doesn't think she's worthy of being kept?


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